Meet our Team of Lancaster County Real Estate Agents

Meet Christine, Rebekah, Geoff, Sarah, Alessandra, and Erin

Meet Christine

Christine was born and raised in Lancaster County. Prior to getting her real estate license and joining Kingsway Realty she worked in new construction and home renovations.

Meet Rebekah

Rebekah is a licensed Realtor with Kingsway Realty and is a partner with the Nolt & Bailey Team.

Meet Geoff

Geoff is a licensed Realtor and member of the Nolt & Bailey Team at Kingsway Realty.


For over three decades he has worked with satisfied homeowners in various capacities of home improvement, including new construction, remodeling, and specializing in custom cabinetry. This experience allows him unique insight into value that can be found in many of the wonderful homes in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. 

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a licensed Realtor with the Nolt & Bailey Team at Kingsway Realty.

Meet Alessandra

Alessandra first joined the Nolt & Bailey Team as a transaction coordinator in 2018. With a desire to increase her knowledge about the real estate industry, in 2019, she obtained her real estate license.

Meet Erin

Erin is a licensed Realtor with the Nolt & Bailey Team at Kingsway Realty. Her husband’s career moved the family from Phoenix, Arizona to Lancaster County in 2011. Erin quickly identified with the qualities that make up the personality of the community – integrity and tradition. 

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